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Behind Nemand
Andrej Němec
Founder & CEO

Andrej Němec holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and has more than 15 years of international experience in Air Traffic Management, Satellite-Based Navigation, Aviation Safety and Regulatory Affairs.

During his career, he acquired extensive knowledge of all the major issues related to the aviation sector, such as aviation safety, aviation regulations, sustainability and environmental problems of air transport.

He covered management roles for aviation industry trade bodies like ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International) and EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) and worked as Brussel representative for  INECO, a Spanish company global leader in transport engineering and consultancy for which he also served as GNSS and Air Traffic Management Engineer, leading implementation projects that successfully demonstrated the technical and socio-economic benefits of Satellite-Based Air Navigation Systems.

He possesses a high degree of understanding of EU Lobbying, EU legislation monitoring in the transport policy area, Business Development and Coalition Building strategies.

He served as Seconded National Expert for Regulatory Affairs at the SESAR Joint Undertaking and ATM expert in the Core Team of “EUROMED aviation project”, a European Commission sponsored project (supervised by DG MOVE and funded by EuropeAid / DevCo) part of MEDA regional programme and meant to provide technical support and expertise to countries of the MEDA area (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Syria).

Former member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Advisory Board, of the Subcommittee on Flight Standards (FS) and Subcommittee on Aerodromes (ADR) of the EASA Safety Standards Consultative Committee (SSCC) and of the European Commercial Aviation Safety Team (ECAST), he has excellent lobbying experience with those EU institutions that play an active role in the aviation safety rulemaking process, such as EASA, the European Parliament TRAN Committee and the European Commission DG MOVE.

A Slovenian-Italian national, he speaks fluent English, French and Spanish, and has good command of German and Serbo-Croatian.

Olivier Bruyère professional picture.jpg
Olivier Bruyère
Project Manager

Passionate about aeronautics, Olivier is a former transport aircraft C160 Captain. He holds a Master of operational and functional management and spent 31 years in the French Air Mobility Command. He totalized 5500 hours of flight in peace, crisis and war time.


During the last 4 years, Olivier worked as an Operations Manager at EATC, European Air Transport Command, Eindhoven, Nederland. He led a team of 11 European dispatchers in charge of computing Jeppesen flight plans and routes and preparing diplomatic clearances for 7 member states of the organization. In the meantime, he designed a diplomatic request file communal for EATC and European Defence Agency EDA; this mitigated the ratio of manual mistakes and allowed the two organizations to save time at work.

In his high-yielding career, Olivier constantly developed technical and managerial competencies and skills, especially in stressful environments.

Prior to joining NEMAND, he was a flight instructor, a director of flight operations, a Squadron Commander and a Project Manager. He designed the media event Air Show in June 2014 for the 80th anniversary of the French Air Forces in collaboration with the TV channel France 2. In addition to this, Olivier was in charge of managing and evaluating the French metropolitan airspace security.


He was awarded the French the Legion of Honour (Légion d'honneur) and received 5 congratulation letters for his exceptional services.

Denis Koehl
Aviation Advisor

Denis Koehl joined the French Air Force as a fighter pilot in 1976, and he has also served within the Navy and obtained all Navy fighter pilot wings on board aircraft carriers. He held numerous high-level positions in the field of military aviation in which he has been responsible for managing large military entities (i.e. air bases, air wings and general staff) and engaging in sensitive crisis management operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in multi-national environments (e.g. NATO). In these roles, he has also overseen strategic policy and structural reorganisation with the purpose of meeting quality and management challenges.

In 2010, Denis ended this military career as Major-General and joined in Brussels the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme; one of the most ambitious research and development projects ever launched by the European Community, aiming to develop the technological and operational dimension of the Single European Sky (SES) initiative to make flying more environmentally friendly and reduce the costs of air traffic management.

In March 2016, he was appointed to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) in Cologne to promote coordination and cooperation between the Agency and military entities, as well as Defence & Security industry, for all matters related to air operations, airworthiness, maintenance, safety and security, as well as drones and aviation crisis management.


Thanks to his extensive know-how within the civil and state aviation domains, he possesses a high degree of understanding of EU and NATO Lobbying, civil and state aviation legislation monitoring in the transport policy area, Business Development and Coalition Building strategies.

As Belgian-French national, he speaks fluent English and French, and has good command of German.

Fábio Guimarães
ATM Expert

Fábio Guimarães started his aviation journey in 2010, when he joined the Portuguese Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller Officer (ATCO). During his 13 years career within different Portuguese Air Force Air Traffic Services (ATS) units, he accomplished all the available operational qualifications, namely Aerodrome Control (ADV/ADI), Approach Control (APP/APS) and Area Control (ACC/ACS), achieving also the Supervisor and On-the-Job Training Instructor endorsements for those qualifications.

He has a significant experience in multinational military exercises which took place in the ATS Units he served at and participated in the NATO Baltic Policing Mission in 2016, detached in Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania. 

During the last 6 years he was detached in Lisbon Area Control Centre (ACC), where he acted as a Military Supervisor within Airspace Management Cell (AMC). Due to this experience, he has a robust and updated knowledge about EUROCONTROL initiatives and responsibilities such as Single European Sky (SES), Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) and Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM).

Before joining NEMAND, he was a Theoretical Knowledge Training Instructor at International Flight Academy (IFA), an Approved Training Organization, providing Air Law and Aeronautical Communications classes for Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) courses. He was also working for the Portuguese Civil Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), NAV Portugal, participating in all types of ATC simulated training exercises, acting as a Pseudo Pilot. He started both of these functions in 2018, while he still was in the Portuguese Air Force. 

Fábio Guimarães possesses 2 citations and one medal award for Exemplar Behavior from the Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff.

As a Portuguese national, he speaks fluent Portuguese and English, has a good command of Spanish and basic command of French. 

Dragana Samardžić

Dragana holds a Post Graduate and a BSc in Maritime Management from the University of Montenegro. She is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Serbo-Croatian. Currently, she is positioned at EUROCONTROL as a RVSM Database Approvals Administrator, where she plans to pursue and develop her career in the field of aviation.


Most recently, she spent four years working as an Executive Manager in a company specialising in both the tourism and real estate sectors, working with international clients in a highly dynamic environment.


In 2017, Dragana took part in the Moscow International Property Show, working in the sales group with the CMM Investment Group.

Prior to that, Dragana spent one year as a Finance Administrator in Inprus Mont, where she had an oversight of all sales, contract parties and maintenance contracts. There, she actively participated in the creation of the sales contracts and managed dialogs with buyers.

Gotse Nikolovski.jpg
Gotse Nikolovski

Gotse holds an MSc in Aeronautics and Space from the French Civil Aviation University (ENAC) and he has 3 years of professional experience in Air Traffic Management.

Gotse recently spent one year in the Airport Research Unit at EUROCONTROL HQ where he collaborated with different EUROCONTROL units such as PRISME, CODA and Airports Unit. He extensively worked on air transport delay analysis for Europe and on operational concepts from the SESAR PJ02 project.

Besides the good knowledge of SESAR operational concepts, he reached a strong level of competence in airport operations, airline operations, delay propagation, flight data exchange, flight data analysis, System Wide Information Management (SWIM) and A-CDM.

Before joining NEMAND, Gotse worked for M3 Systems Belgium as an ATM Junior Consultant, providing technical support and assistance as a validation expert.

A Macedonian national, he speaks fluent English, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Czech and Turkish, and has a good command of French and Spanish.

Natasa 2.jpg
Nataša Dojčinović

Nataša’s engagement with aviation started back in her teenage days when she joined the Belgrade Aviation Academy in her native Serbia where she obtained the Degree of Air Transport Technician. As well, she holds an MSc Degree from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, department of Aeronautical, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

She is currently working at a world-leading MRO provider SR Technics in Component Services Engineering department.
She is responsible for planning and execution to improve performance, cost-effectiveness and service quality of fleet of A320, A330, B737, B777, B787. Her main job is to customize and modernize systems to the highest level of accuracy and efficiency by airworthiness.

Nataša has a diverse aviation background academically and on-the-job experience which covers the fields of air transport, flight operations, safety, and security, at both national and international levels.
She worked as a Weight and Balance Load Controller. She planned, coordinated and produced all loading, weight and balance calculation and documentation by following company and client airline specifications.

She did apprenticeships and visits to prestigious aeronautical companies in Serbia, such as Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services  (SMATSA), Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Military Technical Institute, Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” Airport, Niš Airport, Tivat Airport, and the flag carrier of Serbia - Air Serbia.

Nataša has implemented many successful ways to support cultural change, increase the productivity of various plants and sites and she has implemented transformation processes during her hospitality experience in the cruise industry. Her efficient methods and continuous efforts resulted in considerable productivity growth and consequently higher revenue results for her company.

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